Bringing Outdoor Opportunities to Men

It's time to get out in the wild. A man can't be stuck inside all, every day, and it's BOOM's goal to remedy this. We seek to bring outdoor opportunities to the men of Muskogee and surrounding areas. 

About us

In the summer of 2007, a group of friends who all love to hunt, fish and just be outdoors got together and formed Boom Outdoors. Boom is a Christian based organization that works to provide outdoor opportunities for men and their families.

We do all this for one simple reason…we hope that through our outdoor events, we can show the love of Jesus and have a positive impact on those we host. We pray that God might use Boom to help connect others to Him…the Mighty God who created the wonderful outdoors for us to enjoy. In short, we are connecting with men through a common passion for the outdoors and asking Christ to shine through us to make a difference in their lives.

While we are Christian based, our events are not church services in disguise! There is no “preaching” and we don’t believe in trying to pressure or guilt men into making some kind of decision. Our speakers are professionals who make their living in the outdoor industry. They primarily tell entertaining and educational stories about hunting and fishing. But they are also Christians, so they do talk about the difference that God has made in their lives. At our primary event, the Beast Feast, men are given the opportunity to request more information about how to have a relationship with Christ, but there is no pressure to do so.

We hope you will give one of our events a try. Our experience has been that all our fellow outdoorsmen have a great time.